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Juliette is a small récamière (bed bench), melting-pot of various stylistic influences. The challenge was to draw from historic references such as the Savonarola chair from the Italian Renaissance or récamières from the Directoire, by reinterpreting these strong concepts and putting them with current tastes by becoming soaked with the DNA of Jardin Pamplemousse. This patchwork gives life to this elegant Juliette who will be according to the desires, a bench seat, a bed bench, a récamière, a throne…

Launched in Equip’hotel fair in Paris in 2016 and exhibited during the design week in Paris in september 2017.



Dimensions: H: 40/62 x D: 137 x L: 54 cm



 Solid oak wood, upholstery


Product design
Furniture design

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